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BSMI and the Consumers' Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Motorcycle Helmets

  • Date:2022/02/09
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BSMI and the Consumers' Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Motorcycle Helmets

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) in collaboration with the Consumers' Foundation released the test results of motorcycle helmets randomly purchased from the market to check their compliance with the national standard CNS 2396, "Protective helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycle and mopeds." 10 motorcycle helmets were purchased from physical stores in Tainan and Yunlin. They were subject to testing of quality items (appearance, structure, shock absorption, penetration resistance, strength of chin strap, roll off test, materials, peripheral visual field and weight) and labeling checks. The results showed that 1 product did not comply with the labeling requirements.

For this non-compliant product, the size of the helmet was smaller than the labeled size. The manufacturer will be asked to take corrective actions within a specified time limit, as required by Article 59 of the Commodity Inspection Act. A fine of not less than NTD 100,000 and not more than NTD 1,000,000 will be imposed, if corrective actions are not completed before the time limit.

As the size of the helmet is critical to the safety of motorcyclists, the BSMI reminded consumers to purchase helmets with proper size, by checking the labeled size and try on the helmets, to avoid fall-off of the helmet. Consumers should follow the accompanying instructions of the helmet so that its structure will not be damaged due to improper use.

The BSMI further pointed out that motorcycle helmets are subject to mandatory inspection and are not allowed to be released from production premises or imported before they are certified. The BSMI implements an annual market surveillance program to continuously monitor the safety of products on the market. In case noncompliant products are found, the BSMI looks into the causes, makes an interview report and takes actions in accordance with relevant regulations.

The BSMI urges companies to manufacture or import motorcycle helmets that comply with the inspection requirements and to ensure that the products are labeled correctly to protect consumers' rights and safety. On the other hand, consumers should only buy products that are labeled with the Commodity Inspection Mark.

Responsible Division: 2nd Division
Contact Person: Cheng, Ching-Hong, Deputy Director
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