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Air-to-Liquid Volumetric Ratio (A/L) Measuring Instruments Used for Law Enforcement Subject to Verification from October 1, 2021

  • Date:2021/10/20
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Air-to-Liquid Volumetric Ratio (A/L) Measuring Instruments Used for Law Enforcement Subject to Verification from October 1, 2021

Air-to-liquid volumetric ratio (A/L) measuring instruments are mainly used by environmental protection agencies of the central and local governments to measure the recovery rate of recovery systems installed at gasoline dispensing facilities for purpose of maintaining the air quality. With a view to ensuring the accuracy of A/L measuring instruments used for law enforcement, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) requires that these measuring instruments be subject to verification beginning on October 1, 2021. Such measuring instruments are not allowed to be used for law enforcement until they pass verification.

The BSMI said that the "Technical Specification for the Verification and Inspection of Air to Liquid Volumetric Ratio (A/L) Measuring Instruments" was published on June 23, 2021, which will be used as the basis for preforming the verification and inspection of A/L measuring instruments. Prior to the adoption of the technical specification, the BSMI held 2 workshops on March 24 and April 28 to discuss the content and schedule of implementing verification with environmental protection agencies, gas station associations, and conformity assessment bodies and had reached consensus on these topics.

The Tainan Branch of the BSMI is in charge of the verification of A/L measuring instruments. A seminar was held on August 27, 2021 to explain the application procedure and relevant arrangements to the industry.

The BSMI indicated that the verification is valid for 6 months. Application for the initial verification shall be made by the manufacturer or importer. The owner or the keeper of the instrument shall apply for re-verification before the validity period expires. A compliance sheet shall be affixed to the body, tight-fitting adapter and air-tight flexible tubing, respectively, after the instrument passes verification.

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