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Safety Education: Shopping for Safe Products Online, Find Products Bearing the BSMI Commodity Inspection Mark

  • Date:2021/09/15
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Online shopping has become indispensable to our daily lives nowadays, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike shopping at physical stores, consumers have relatively limited access to the information about the products they want to purchase from online stores, in particular the information about whether the products comply with mandatory inspection requirements. In response to this information gap, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has requested that online sellers who intend to sell products subject to mandatory inspection display the Commodity Inspection Mark or documents demonstrating completion of inspection procedures on the webpages.

The BSMI has collaborated with e-commerce platforms in several ways to make sure that online sellers fulfill their obligations under the Consumer Protection Act and the Commodity Inspection Act. A notice explaining the relevant obligations was sent through the e-commerce platforms to their online sellers, and webpages will be removed by the platforms at the request of the BSMI if the sellers fail to do so. The BSMI also uses web crawlers to monitor products sold online. It allows the BSMI to identify and remove webpages of products not displaying the Commodity Inspection Mark in a more efficient manner.

In addition, cross border e-commerce has been expanded because of Covid-19 travel restrictions. It provides consumers with easier access to products with more varieties. The BSMI has noticed a flourishing market of purchasing agents, who order products from foreign countries on consumers’ behalf. As the product is introduced to domestic market through the services provided by purchasing agents, they are obligated to complete the inspection procedures and affix the Commodity Inspection Mark to the body of the product as well as display the Mark on the webpage of the product if it is sold online. Violations may lead to penalties of fines at not less than NTD 200,000 and not more than NTD 2,000,000.

The BSMI encourages consumers to buy products placed on domestic market as products sold abroad are not targeted for users in Taiwan and usually do not reflect our special environmental or social needs in their design. For example, the voltages and plugs of electrical products may not be compatible with the design of our households. Consumers are advised to look for or request the sellers to present the Commodity Inspection Mark before making orders. Please visit the following BSMI websites to learn more about the products they want to buy.

  • To find out products that are subject to mandatory inspection, please click here (https://civil.bsmi.gov.tw/bsmi_pqn/pqn/uqi6103f.do)
  • To verify whether the products are certified, please click here (https://civil.bsmi.gov.tw/bsmi_pqn/pqn/uqi5101f.do)for Marks printed by the BSMI, and here(https://civil.bsmi.gov.tw/bsmi_pqn/pqn/uqi5102f.do) for Marks printed by the business operators (webpage available in Chinese).