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Monitoring Inspection

  • Date:2021/09/13
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What is Monitoring Inspection?
Monitoring Inspection Scheme is a simplified batch-by-batch inspection system, based upon a confidence building process. Monitoring inspection mainly applies to commodities with a variety of types, such as toys, ceramic tiles, plywood products, etc. When a number of batches of a certain commodity have successfully passed batch-by-batch inspection, the inspection of that commodity may be conducted in a simplified procedure based on the degree of confidence accumulated from previous inspection results. These simplified procedures include batch-by-batch verification, randomly selected batch inspection, document review or monitoring program. However, the inspection mode will revert to batch-by-batch inspection if any noncompliance is found. The graph below shows differences among the procedures.
degree of confidence

Commodity Inspection Mark
Certified products shall bear the Commodity Inspection Mark, as illustrated below.

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