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Declaration of Conformity

  • Date:2021/09/13
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What is Declaration of Conformity (DoC)?
Declaration of Conformity mainly applies to products of which the manufacturing technology already achieves a stable stage and with less risk concerns. It requires manufacturers or importers responsible for compliance to ensure that the products comply with relevant requirements. Manufacturers or importers shall have their products tested by laboratories designated by the BSMI in accordance with relevant national standards. In addition, a technical file shall be prepared and a declaration of conformity shall be drawn up. Products subject to DoC are published by the BSMI in accordance with Article 5 of the Commodity Inspection Act, and they may clear the Customs or transported out of production premises without further inspection.

Commodity Inspection Mark
The manufacturer or importer shall apply to the BSMI for a registration code, which shall be marked together with the Mark. An illustration is provided below.
Commodity Inspection Mark
Steps for Making Applications