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Shopping Fair for the Moon Festival; Passing Rate for Market Scale Inspection Reached 99.9%

  • Date:2020/11/24
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Shopping Fair for the Moon Festival; Passing Rate for Market Scale Inspection Reached 99.9%

With the upcoming vacation for the Moon Festival, to ensure the weighing accuracy of the scales used in markets, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) had recently performed its market scale inspection project nationwide. The passing rate for the inspection reached 99.9%. Therefore, consumers may shop at ease for the Moon Festival.

The BSMI sampled the scales used in 235 different traditional markets, fresh supermarkets, and large-scale hypermarkets nationwide. A total number of 6,927 scales were checked, with 6,921 scales passed and 6 scales failed; for the reason of failure, 4 scales exceeded the inspection tolerance (2 of them made consumers suffer losses; 2 of them made consumers gain advantages from merchants), while 2 scales' verification marks became indiscernible. "Suspended" labels have been attached to the scales that failed the inspection, and continual follow-up and control would be performed for the scales until such scales are scrapped or repaired and passed an application for verification. For merchants being found using unqualified scales, a fine ranging from NT$15,000 to NT$75,000 may be imposed according to "The Weights and Measures Act".

According to the statement of Dr. Lien, Ching-Chang, Director General of the BSMI, BSMI will continue to carry out the scale inspection all over the country to ensure the accuracy of scale measurement. Furthermore, consumers are advised to report to BSMI and its subordinated branches when discovering the scales used for the transactions have no verification marks with "(Picture as attachment file)" or where there are suspicious cases regarding insufficient weights. Please call 02-23434567 (representative number). BSMI officials will be dispatched to safeguard the interests of both purchasers and sellers.

BSMI Spokesperson: Deputy Director-General Chen, Ling-Hui
Tel. (O):02-23431709
Email: lh.chen@bsmi.gov.tw

Handling Unit: Deputy Director of 7th Division Chern, Horng-Lin
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Email: hl.chen@bsmi.gov.tw

Press Contact: Lin, Ching-Yen
Tel. (O):02-23431759 Tel.(M):0976-425601
Email: chingyen.lin@bsmi.gov.tw