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BSMI offers tips on purchasing, using air conditioners ahead of hot summer

  • Date:2019/12/13
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BSMI offers tips on purchasing, using air conditioners ahead of hot summer

With the rising of temperature and the arrival of summer, air conditioners are already being used by some to cool down the home and workplace. The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) reminds the public that correct use of air conditioners can avoid electric shock and fire accidents as well as ensure the safety of life and property.

June to September is the high season for air conditioner consumption. To make sure that consumers can buy at ease with ease, the BSMI reminds the public to pay attention to the following items when purchasing and using air conditioners.

1)When purchasing an air conditioner, we recommend that you ask the vendor to do an evaluation on the environment (taking into account the size of the room, the type of air conditioner—split type or window type—and whether the room faces west) so that you can choose the right air conditioner to meet your needs.

2)Choose the brand and model according to your needs, such as budget, noise, energy saving functions and product appearance.

3)When purchasing, look for the name of the manufacturer, specifications (voltage, electric current and cooling power) and the commodity inspection mark (commodity inspection mark or commodity inspection mark ) on the body of the product.

4)The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is indicated in five levels, with the first level being the most energy saving.

5)Before use, please read carefully the user’s manual and warning messages. To achieve energy saving, set the temperature between 26-28 degrees Celsius and use an electric fan at the same time.

6)Wash the filter before use every summer and pay attention to how the air conditioner is working. When malfunction occurs, stop from use immediately and contact the designated repair station.

7)When not in use for a long time (in autumn and winter), unplug the air conditioner (or shut down the circuit) to save energy and avoid accidents.

The BSMI urged the public to pay attention to old air conditioners because long time exposure to wind and sun can cause dust accumulations inside the unit and deterioration of the insulator. Annual inspections and cleaning at designated repair station is suggested to ensure safety. When in doubt about the product, please refer to the bureau’s Commodity Safety Information website at https://safety.bsmi.gov.tw/ for more information or call the toll free hotline 0800-007123.

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