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Market scale conformity rate reaches 99.9% ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival

  • Date:2019/12/04
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Market scale conformity rate reaches 99.9% ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival

With the Dragon Boat Festival around the corner, people are busy shopping and preparing for family reunion meals. To ensure the accuracy of scales, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) launched an ad-hoc market inspection in May 2019. Results show that 99.9% of the scales inspected are in conformity with national standards. Consumers can rest assured when purchasing goods from the market.

The BSMI inspected a total of 6,916 scales used at 235 fresh markets, traditional markets, wholesalers and supermarkets and found that 6,913 scales were up to the standards. Three scales that failed the inspection had measurement error that exceeded the tolerance (all were in favor of consumers). "Stop from use" stickers have been attached to the substandard devices and follow-up checks will be conducted. Vendors that continue to use substandard scales will be subjected to a fine between 15,000 NTD and 75,000 NTD according to the Weights and Measures Act.

To ensure scale accuracy, BSMI Director-General Lian Jin-zhang said that the bureau will continue to inspect weight scales in markets around the nation. Consumers are urged to call the tip line at 02-2343-4567 or file a report to all bureau branches upon seeing a weight scale without a verification conformity sticker specifying the Chinese character "Chinese character"or an seemingly inaccurate scale. BSMI officials will be dispatched to ensure fair trade and consumer rights.

Agency in charge: Verification, Inspection of Weights & Measuring Instruments Division (7th Division)
Contact person: Mr. Su Bo-Chang
Telephone: (02)2343-4606