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2019 Energy Taiwan–BSMI Invites You to Enjoy a Renewable Energy Learning Journey“Green Energy Transformation–Go Get T-REC”!

  • Date:2019/10/16
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In view of ongoing global energy transformation, green energy will become the new engine that drives economic development in the future, helping our country to enhance our energy independence and emerging green energy industry. To achieve economic and energy transformation goals, Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has been proactive in developing energy technology product testing and verification technology. From October 16 to 18, 2019, BSMI will set up a thematic exhibition zone “Green Energy Transformation – Go Get T-REC” at the 2019 Energy Taiwan to demonstrate BSMI’s fruitful results in renewable energy certificate system, offshore wind turbine third-party certification and related energy product certification platform.

This exhibition zone is divided into three areas, including the general introduction area, program development area and service information area, for a chronological demonstration. Together with interactive experiencing facilities established on sites, visitors will have in-depth insights into the development of renewable energy technology from games and to better understand the core concepts thereof. With respect to renewable energy certificate system, offshore wind turbine third-party certification and energy products, staff members of the BSMI at the exhibition zone also provide explanatory services to let the visitors to easily understand related knowledge. BSMI has also prepared small gifts and welcome all visitors to have a renewable energy learning journey at the “Green Energy Transformation – Go Get T-REC” exhibition zone!

BSMI also expressed that it had been cooperating with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center(TERTEC), Metal Industries Research and Development Center(MIRDC), Taiwan Accreditation Foundation(TAF), CR Classification Society, Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC), Telecom Technology Center(TTC), Electronics Testing Center(ETC), Taiwan, Auden Techno Corp., and xMight Corp. to develop the renewable energy certificate (T-REC) system, offshore wind turbine third-party certification and the new-generation energy product certification platform.

As the development of renewable energy, particularly that of offshore wind farms, requires an enormous investment in the beginning, the joint efforts of financial and insurance operators are therefore deemed necessary. BSMI plans to establish renewable energy third-party certification system and renewable energy investment (financing) testing and examination center with an expectation to, through professional tests, inspection and verification, evaluate the practicality of renewable energy industry to lower the development risks of the industry and to attract financial and insurance operators to join related development. Besides, BSMI has been promoting the establishment of “National Renewable Energy Certificate Center” to facilitate Renewable Energy Certification (REC) transactions and acquire certified renewable energy generation equipment. The power generated thereby is certified as renewable energy capacity and can be used to apply for renewable energy certificate. Each 1000 kWh equals to 1 REC. Users can purchase RECs through dealers or approved organizations to declare their use of renewable energy and possess environmental benefits brought by RECs, such as reduction in air-pollution level or in CO2 emission.

In the meantime, in support of the government’s energy policy, BSMI has, themed on energy generation, energy storage, energy saving and smart system integration, facilitated the development of domestic green energy technology and related testing and inspection industry. During the exhibition period, the “2019 Seminar on Energy Technology Products and Testing Techniques” will also be held on October 17 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It is expected that this seminar will provide energy technology products and testing techniques an exchange platform to collect and demonstrate testing technique and innovative research related results.

Apart from inviting domestic experts to exchange renewable energy testing techniques knowledge and information, the “Green Energy Transformation – Go Get T-REC” exhibition zone also offers citizens and visitors an interactive and interesting renewable energy learning journey. It is our expectation that BSMI will be able to fully demonstrate our efforts and fruitful results of promoting renewable energy applications.

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