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Type approval of legal measuring instruments

  • Date:2019/04/10
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Type approval means the procedures for evaluating and approving the overall major elements of a legal measuring instrument, such as the structure, the quality of materials and the technical characteristics that would affect the measuring functions or capabilities of a measuring instrument.

The BSMI organizes a type approval committee to review the conformity of the appearance, structure and performance test results of sample instruments against relevant requirements. Once the type of an instrument has been approved, the BSMI issues a type approval certificate.

Legal measuring instruments that tend to drift after a period of time of service are required to be type approved before verification is conducted to ensure the stability of the measuring instrument and protect the rights of both transacting parties. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has currently announced that taximeters, water meters, lux meters, electronic scales and diaphragm gas meters are subject to type approval.

To apply for type approval, the applicant shall file the application along with test reports, photos of external appearance, affidavit and relevant technical documentation to the BSMI.

Test reports could be obtained from the BSMI or testing laboratories designated by the BSMI. Laboratories that are assessed by the BSMI to be in compliance with requirements concerning personnel, equipment, quality management systems and operational procedures may become one of the laboratories designated by the BSMI. Testing laboratories that are designated by the BSMI shall be subject to annual assessment in order to maintain their status. Up to the end of 2004, there are 2 designated testing laboratories.

In addition, bilateral or multilateral mutual recognition agreements could be negotiated or participated to have type test reports issued by foreign organizations or government authorities to be recognized by the BSMI.

* Regulations Governing Type Approval of Measuring Instruments

* Directions Governing Type Approval of Electronic Nonautomatic Weighing Instruments

* Directions Governing Type Approval of Diaphragm Gases Measuring Instruments