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Declaration of Conformity

  • Date:2008/02/01
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Introduction to the Declaration of Conformity under the Commodity Inspection Act

The discussion on the use of Declaration of Conformity (DoC) as the least trade restrictive conformity assessment procedure has been going on for the past couple of years in different international or regional fora. In order for a DoC to be adequately applied by the manufacturers, there must be a sound market surveillance mechanism in place so that the protection level of consumers will not be compromised. It is recognized that the DoC is appropriate to be applied to products of which the manufacturing technology already achieves a stable stage and with less risk concerns.

The DoC announced by the BSMI to be applicable to certain products allows the manufacturer to have the testing done by laboratories on his choice from laboratories designated by the BSMI, to prepare the technical documents on his own, and to draw up the declaration declaring the conformity of his products with relevant standards. These products are placed under market surveillance conducted by the BSMI. This post-market control approach, instead of pre-market control or border control, will save time and cost for the manufacturer comparing to those required for product approval or registration. Products that are allowed to apply the DoC procedure may be imported without being blocked by the customs for inspection.

At present, 9 items of commodities are announced to be applicable to the DoC procedure from January 8, 2002. These include electric calculators, data storage units, main boards, add-on cards with I/O, power supplies for computers and etc.

The DoC has the following features:

Remove border control measures or the requirement for ex-factory inspection.

Apply to the BSMI or the testing laboratories designated by the BSMI for conducting the test.

The manufacturer shall prepare relevant technical documents, and shall draw up a Declaration of Conformity. Both the technical documents and Declaration of Conformity shall be kept by the manufacturer for an applicable period.

The manufacturer or importer shall apply to the BSMI or adequate BSMI branch office, depending on the jurisdiction area the BSMI assigned, for registration and a registration number for the DoC marking will be given to the manufacture to be affixed to the products. The fee for registration is NT$ ,000.

The DoC marking must be affixed to the body of the products. Below is the form of the DoC marking: