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Monitoring inspection

  • Date:2008/02/01
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In order to ensure the compliance of commodities with health and safety requirements, and to promote trade liberalization, the MOEA promulgated "Measures Governing Commodities Subject to Monitoring Inspection" on January 9, 2002. Currently, 114 chemical products, including cement products, petroleum products, fire-retardant paint materials, fire-retardant building materials, fire- or flame-retardant wallpapers, condoms, tires and toys are included in the scheme.

The Monitoring Inspection Scheme is a simplified batch-by-batch inspection system, based upon a confidence building process. When a number of batches of a certain commodity have successfully passed batch-by-batch inspection, the inspection of that commodity may be conducted in the manner of batch-by-batch verification, randomly selected batch inspection, document examination or monitoring program. However, the inspection mode will revert to batch-by-batch inspection if any noncompliance is found. In addition, manufacturers who obtain management system certification from the BSMI and comply with the requirements may issue the monitoring inspection certificate on their own. Alternately, the certificate can be issued by the BSMI once the inspection records have been submitted for approval. This will expedite the procedures for customs clearance and shipping, reduce the inspection workload for authorities and manufacturers and also prevent inferior goods from entering the market.

Application procedures

An application shall be made to the inspection authority of the entry port upon arrival of the commodities or to the inspection authority located at the manufacturing location before domestically manufactured commodities are shipped out of the production premises. An applicant may apply for inspection through visit in person, mail, facsimile or the Internet.
When making the application, an applicant shall complete an application form and provide the following documents and inspection fees:

Relevant testing records, production records, or other documents as required by related announcement.

Other documents required for inspection.

Where the application for inspection is made by an agent, a power of attorney and the agent's documentation must also be attached. Agents for inspection applications may register with the inspection authority by providing a power of attorney and then handle application procedures on behalf of applicants.