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Batch-by-Batch Inspection (including Type Approved Batch Inspection )

  • Date:2008/02/01
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Batch-by-batch inspection applies to products with unstable manufacturing technology or those that pose concerns of risk or danger. In order for domestically manufactured or imported products to be placed on the market, manufacturers or importers must apply to the BSMI for inspection of the products before they are shipped or imported.
For commodities that require registration or inspection in advance of domestic sale, manufacturers or importers must file an application form along with related documents with the BSMI. For commodities of a fixed type, the BSMI may require that a type approval certificate be applied for and obtained before submitting an application for simplified inspection procedure. In this case, the inspection procedures may be simplified when an inspection application is filed.

Procedures for batch-by-batch inspection
An applicant shall complete an application form and make the application to the inspection authority of the entry port upon arrival of the commodities.
When applying for inspection, an applicant shall complete an application form and provide the following documents and inspection fees:

1. The type approval certificate, if required by the regulations, or evidence mentioned in Article 28 of the Commodity Inspection Act;

2. Relevant testing records, production records, or other documents as required by related announcement; and

3. Other documents required for inspection.
Where the application for inspection is made by an agent, a power of attorney and the agent's documentation must also be attached.

Procedures for Type Approved Batch Inspection (TABI)

Under this procedure, the manufacturer or importer shall have their products type-tested by the BSMI or designated testing laboratories recognized by the BSMI, and then file an application for Type Approval with the BSMI, in Taipei or at branch offices, depending on where the manufacturer or importer is located.
After manufacturers or importers obtain type-approval certificates, they are required to file an application for inspection with the BSMI before their products are to be released from the production premises or arrive at the port of entry. The BSMI will then review the application and accompanying documents according to simplified procedures, and additional samples may be required for further testing. The fees for type testing vary by product and depend on the testing laboratory. The fee for a Type Approval is NT$3,500, and a Type Approval certificate is valid for three years.