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Testing of Electrical Properties

  • Date:2008/02/01
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Testing of Electrical Products
Products/Test Items Applicable standard(s)
Electrical Products IT and office equipment CNS14336/IEC60950
Electronics products CNS14408/IEC60065
Household appliances CNS3765/IEC60335
Portable tools IEC60745
Luminaries CNS14335/IEC60598
Low voltage, high power switching equipment IEC60947

Electrical Components
Electro-magnetic Interference Applicable standard(s)
Installation accessories and connection devices IEC60309, 60320, 60439,
60614, 60669, 60884, 60998,
Cables and cords IEC60227, 60245, 60799
Installation protective equipment IEC60127, 60898, 61008, 61009
Switches and automatic controls for electrical household appliances IEC60691, 60730, 60934, 61058
Safety transformers IEC61558
Capacitors IEC60384
Batteries IEC60086, 61960
Luminaries, and accessories IEC60155, 60238, 60400, 61347
Laser devices IEC60825

Environmental Testing
Electro-magnetic Interference Applicable standard(s)
Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP Code) from water/dust


Damp heat test CNS3623/IEC60068-2-3
Salt mist test CNS12874/IEC60068-2-52
Vibration test CNS3629/IEC60068-2-6
Shock test CNS11234/IEC60068-2-27
Drop test CNS13215/IEC60068-2-32
Glow-wire test CNS14545-4/IEC60695-2-1
Proof Tracking test IEC60112
Needle-flame test CNS14545-8/IEC60695-2-2
Soldering test CNS3632/IEC60068-6-20