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Testing of Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Date:2008/02/01
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Testing Items:

1. Testing/inspection of organic and inorganic chemical products, including elemental analyses of chemicals.
2. Testing of food, feed, and products of agriculture/livestock/aquaculture.
3. Testing of biotechnological product.
4. Testing of environmental drugs.
5. Testing of fertilizer components.
6. Testing of metal materials.
7. Testing of construction materials.
8. Testing of chemical engineering products.
9. Testing of detergents.
10. Testing of polymers.
11. Testing of plastics and rubber.
12. Testing of painting.
13. Testing of textile fabrics.
14. Testing of paper products.
15. Testing of mineral oil products.
16. Testing of mechanical products.

Testing Capability for Gas Appliances
Products/Test Items
Applicable standard
Regulator for L. P. G. CNS 7088
Gas-fired Water Heaters CNS 13603
Gas Burning Stove, Gas Oven CNS 13604
Portable Gas Cooker CNS 14529
Disposable Gas-lighter CNS 10666
Diaphragm Type Gas Meter with Micro Computers CNS 14741

Testing Capability for Fire Equipment & Pressure Vessels
Products/Test Items Applicable standard(s)
Fire Extinguishers CNS 1387
Aerosol Type Mini Fire Extinguishers CNS 10978
Quick Connector for Fire Hose CNS 10206
LPG Gas Cylinders CNS 2448
Valves for LPG Gas Cylinders CNS 1324
Seamless High Pressure Gas Cylinders CNS 12242
Valves for High Pressure Gas Cylinder CNS 10848
Non-refillable Refrigerant Cylinders