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CNS Mark Certification System

  • Date:2022/04/26
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1. Definition, Purpose and Function of CNS Mark

1.Definition: The CNS Mark Certification System is a Product Certification System enforced in 95 in order to promote the use of national standards.
2.Purpose: The purpose of the CNS Mark is to demonstrate the compliance of product quality with national standards and the compliance of manufacturers' quality management systems with the requirements of ISO 9000 series of standards.
3.Function: The manufacturers may gain the confidence from consumers in order to promote their products and the consumers' interests may be protected by purchasing products of excellent quality.
4.Diagram: The diagram consists of the abbreviation of Chinese National Standards "CNS" and the Chinese character "㊣".

2. Requirements of CNS Mark

2.1 The quality system of the manufacturing facility shall be assessed and registered in accordance with CNS 268 (ISO 900 ). Certificates issued by certification bodies recognized by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection are accepted.

2.2 The products are tested to be in compliance with related national standards.
Directions for Recognition of CNS Mark Quality Management System Certification Bodies.
Application Form for CNS Mark Quality Management System Certification Bodies to be recognized by the BSMI. (Instructions for filling out the application form)
Letter of Authorization (Instructions for filling out the letter of authorization)
Checklist for Assessment/Surveillance of CNS Mark Certified Organizations.
List of Recognized Domestic CNS Mark Quality Management System Certification Bodies.
Checklist for Assessment/Surveillance of CNS Mark Certified Organizations.

3. Application Procedures for CNS Mark

3.1 Preparation of application documents: The following documents shall be included in the application package:
- Application form;
- A copy of company license, or business registration certificate, and a copy of factory registration certificate. For manufacturers located in foreign countries, relevant supporting documents shall also be provided;
- Application fee (NT$5,000 per application);
- Copies of valid QMS certificates and copies of compliance report of product inspection report issued by the BSMI, the commissioned agencies or recognized bodies. The product inspection report shall be issued within 6 months prior to the application; and
- The organization chart, flow chart of production procedures and quality manuals etc. that could provide basic information on the applicant.

3.2 Review: The BSMI shall review the QMS Assessment Report and Product Inspection Report.

3.3 Issuance of Certificate: The certificate will be issued after the reports are reviewed to meet the requirements and the payment of fees by the applicant.

3.4 Publication: The BSMI will publish the name, factory, and products of manufacturers who have been granted the CNS Mark.

4. CNS Mark Product Items

4.1 Announcement of CNS Mark Product Items
The BSMI shall select items of national standards as the CNS Mark Product Items based on its jurisdiction or manufacturers' application. Announcement of these product items will be made after the review by the National Standards Review Council.

4.2 Criteria for Selection of the CNS Mark Product Items
Product items that meet the following criteria could be selected as the CNS Mark product items.

4.2. Where related national standards exist;

4.2.2 Where the product has the nature described below and the BSMI or its recognized inspection bodies possess the inspection facilities and competence required by the national standards.
- products that concern public interests;
- products that have been regulated by laws and concern public security, social welfare, environmental protection, and human health and safety (e.g. fire-resistance door, protective glasses, helmet used for motorcycle and solar energy heater etc.); or
- products that by being granted the CNS Mark could provide consumers with the demonstration of manufacturers' reliability and ability to maintain quality.

5. Management of CNS Mark

5.1 Follow-up to factory's quality control: The BSMI will conduct follow-up visits irregularly to manufacturers whose products are granted CNS Mark. The visit shall be at lease once each year.

5.2 Product inspection: The BSMI will purchase CNS Mark products from the market or take samples from the manufacturers' premises to perform inspection to ensure that the products continuously comply with the standards. Such inspection shall be conducted at least once each year.

5.3 Report of stopping production: Manufacturers that stop producing CNS Mark products shall report to the BSMI the reasons and period of stopping production within three months from the date of stopping production.

5.4 Revision along with the amendment of national standards: Where applicable national standards are amended or replaced by other national standards, manufacturers shall take appropriate actions to ensure that their CNS Mark products continuously comply with revised or new national standards.