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Weights & Measuring Instruments Subject to Regulatory Verification

Categories and scopes of legal measuring instruments subject to verification:

1. Taximeters.

2. Weighing instruments: non-automatic weighing instruments and non-continuous accumulative automatic weighing instruments, excluding the following instruments:

(1) Non-pricing weighing instruments with a number of verification scale interval all more than 10,000;
(2) Suspended weighing instruments with a maximum weighing capacity of more than 1t;
(3) Bathroom scales;
(4) Weighing in motion non-automatic weighing instruments;
(5) Weighing instruments being marked not for transaction use; and
(6) Non-pricing weighing instruments with a weighing capacity under 2 kg and a number of verification scale interval under 200.

3. Liquid column pressure guages (including sphygmomanometers); excluding pressure gauges used for meteorological or maritime observation.

4. Volumeters:
(1) Liquid dosage meters: metal measuring pails and measuring tanks marked with divisions; excluding the following measuring tanks:
(i) Measuring tanks with a capacity of more than 110m3; and
(ii) Pressure measuring tanks.
(2) Diaphragm gas meters, excluding gas meters with a maximum air flow of more than 90m3/hr.
(3) Water meters: impeller water meters and vortex water meters, excluding water meters with a caliber of more than 300mm.
(4) Oil meters, excluding oil meters with a caliber of more than 160mm.
(5) Liquefied petroleum gas flow meters.

5. Milk hydrometers.

6. The following active electrical energy meters, excluding those with rated voltage higher than 600V.

(1) Watthour meters (effective electricity meters).
(2) Varhour meters (ineffective electricity meters).
(3) Varhour demand meters.
(4) Transformers matched with electric meters, excluding transformers of 69KV higher than the nominal system voltage.

7. Radar speedometers.

8. Sound level meters.

9. Concentration meters:

(1) Breathe alcohol testers and analyzers.
(2) Rice moisture meters.
(3) Vehicle exhausts emissions analyzers, excluding those used for motorcycles and diesel engines.

10. Illuminance meters, excluding those being marked as reference use.

11. Mercury clinical thermometers.
The provisions set forth in subparagraph 2 of the preceding Paragraph on the requirements of verification for non-automatic weighing instruments for weighing road vehicles in static for official verification and inspection purposes shall come into force on January 1, 2006.


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