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BSMI Included Cybersecurity Requirements in the Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) Program for 4 Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

  • Date:2023/08/29
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BSMI Included Cybersecurity Requirements in the Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) Program for 4 Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing technology. It brings convenience to our daily lives by enabling additional functions of products and plays a crucial role in the development of smart city infrastructure. As IoT devices provide their services through remote connections, concerns about cybersecurity issues have emerged. Among them, protection of users' personal data privacy and assurance of secure network connections have become even more critical than before

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) provides certification service for "smart poles," "renewable energy system inverters," "electric vehicle charging system," and "elevator control system equipment." Cybersecurity requirements were added to BSMI’s Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) program for these 4 types of IoT devices during the period of 2021-2023 to reduce risks of vulnerabilities and enhance consumer confidence.

The cybersecurity certification standards for these IoT devices are all harmonized with relevant international standards. They apply to products with internet connectivity and address the essential cybersecurity protection capabilities of IoT devices, including: (1) physical security, (2) system security, (3) firmware updates, (4) communication security and (5) identity authentication and authorization mechanism security.

Ensuring safety and security is paramount in all these products. They contribute to the infrastructure of interconnected ecosystems where data can be shared and utilized for improved efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. The VPC certification service that BSMI provides helps  build trust among consumers, business operators and stakeholders by verifying that these devices meet safety and security criteria. Business operators interested in having their devices certified may apply to the BSMI by submitting test reports and/or factory inspection reports issued by conformity assessment bodies designated by the BSMI. Where abnormal conditions arise while using the interface of IoT devices, consumers should immediately stop using the devices and report to the original manufacturers for prompt resolution. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the IoT devices, avoid leakage of critical information and prevent potential accidents.

The BSMI encourages consumers to learn more about the function and performance of IoT devices before using them. The BSMI maintains a website on product safety (https://safety.bsmi.gov.tw/) and invites consumers to visit the website or call the toll-free number 0800-007123 for more information.

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