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"Embracing a New Era in Green Energy!" BSMI Welcomes You at Energy Taiwan 2022

  • Date:2022/10/28
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"Embracing a New Era in Green Energy!" BSMI Welcomes You at Energy Taiwan 2022

Energy Taiwan 2022 will take place from October 19th to October 21st in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. There are five main themes this year, solar photovoltaic, wind power, smart storage, net-zero and emerging power. The Taiwan National Renewable Energy Certification (T-REC) Center, established by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) in 2017 to support the national policy on green energy, has completed over one million transactions up to this date. The BSMI is proud to present its achievements in contributing to the promotion of renewable energy from the aspects of testing and certification. Under the theme of "Marching to a New Era of Green Energy," the BSMI carefully designs the spaces for the top 5 topics related to renewable energy, "REC Certification," "Offshore Wind Energy," "Energy Storage," "EV Charging Stations" and "Photovoltaics."

The exhibition will be presented in a physical-virtual integrated mode. For the physical part, the image of a "Green Energy Sky Island" will take visitors to have a closer look at the different facilities generating renewable energy through the interactive screen. In addition, there is a giant gashapon machine with colorful capsules of surprises that the BSMI has prepared for visitors. People will get to know better the role of BSMI in the renewable energy infrastructure and the accomplishments that BSMI has attained from the materials displayed. Below are short descriptions of the 5 topics mentioned above.
1.REC Certification: The operation of renewable energy certification system, the latest development and solutions available for business operators to purchase green electricity are highlighted. Video clips from the APEC Forum on Renewable Energy and Standards will be played to illustrate the importance of the issue internationally.
2.Offshore Wind Energy: Taiwan's excellent offshore wind farms have recently received a lot of attention from enterprises. This area will help visitors understand the verification system, procedures and technical specifications of offshore wind farms.
3.Energy Storage: While energy storage is an important element of green energy policy, the safety of energy storage batteries is critical to ensure the success of the policy. This area introduces the professional tests to be carried out by the national large-scale system standard testing laboratory before they can be put to use. 
4.Charging Stations: Charging electric vehicles will soon become part of drivers' daily activities along with the prevalence of EVs. Visitors will get to know the different specifications of EV charging stations and the relevant test items.
5.Photovoltaics: Projects of solar PV deployment have been on the rise to meet the net-zero goal of the government. The quality of PV modules is assured by BSMI's Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) System. This area introduces the value of VPC Mark and certified products.

The BSMI endeavors to communicate basic knowledge about renewable energy to the public in an interactive and interesting manner, hoping to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors. The BSMI will work with all stakeholders to promote renewable energy and T-REC certificates to achieve Taiwan's net-zero goal. 

Responsible Division: 6th Division
Contact Person: Wu, Kuo-Lung, Deputy Director
Tel. (O): +886-2343-1829
Email:  tony.wu@bsmi.gov.tw