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  • Date:2022/10/17
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Metrology is the science of measurement that includes units of measurement and their standards, measuring instruments and their fields of application, and all theoretical and practical problems relating to measurement.

The oldest system of weights and measures in Chinese history derived from the huang-chung pitch-pipe, the huang-chung pitch-pipe did not be handed down from past generations. Its earliest inscription was found in Yu Su clearly stating that weights and measures should be harmonized with the rhythm of a pitch-pipe. The surviving hsin-man-chia-lien measuring instrument at the National Palace Museum is the oldest official measuring standards refer to pitch-pipe in extant. The inscription on its body states: "harmonize weights and measures with the rhythm of the pitch-pipe." The significance of this inscription is that the instruments and the implementation of weights and measures were harmonized through "pitch."

In response to maintaining the competitiveness of Taiwan's high-tech industry on the global market, the BSMI lead related industries by research and development of new metrological techniques; metrology is generally classified in two main fields: legal metrology and scientific metrology.