How To Apply?

How to apply for CNS mark?


Selection of Appropriate CNS Mark Product Items

1. Manufacturers applying for the use of CNS Mark shall select the classification of CNS Mark applicable for their products, and different manufacturing plants shall file applications separately.
2. Each product is limited to one application. However, if the product is subject to further classifications, applications shall be made based on such classifications. One application is allowed for each classification.
3. Separate applications shall be made for different products manufactured by the same plant. Where the same product is produced and manufactured by different plants of the same company, separate applications shall be made in respect of different plants.

Preparation for Application Documents

1. Application Form.
2. A copy of company or business registration certificate and a copy of factory registration certificate or other equivalent certificate.
3. Basic information of the manufacturer (e.g. organizational chart, brief factory layout map, brief operation flow chart of the main production processes, geographic location or route map, etc.).
4. Copies of registration certificates recognized by designated QM system, issued by the recognized QM certification bodies (recognized registration scope shall include product items in the application).
5. Copies of compliance reports of product inspection issued by the BSMI or recognized testing laboratories within 6 months prior to the application.
6. Application fees: NT$5,000 per application and NT$1,000 per certificate.

Review and Issuance of Certificate

1. The BSMI shall review the reports and relevant documents.
2. Where the reports and documents comply with the provisions after review, the manufacturer shall be notified of the eligibility to use the CNS Mark. Where the reports and documents do not comply with the provisions after review, the application shall be rejected with reasons stated.
3. The whole process shall be completed within fourteen working days.

Public Notice

1. For CNS Mark products, the BSMI shall announce the names of the CNS Mark registered manufacturers, their plants, their registered CNS Mark product names and related information, and publish the information on the CNS gazette.

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