WTO/TBT Enquiry Point

WTO/TBT Enquiry Point



Article 10.1 of the WTO Agreement of Technical Barriers to Trade requires that each Member shall ensure that an Enquiry Point exists which is able to answer all reasonable enquires from other Members and interested parties in other Members as well as to provide the relevant documents regarding:

(1) any technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures, or standards;
(2) the participation/membership of international and regional standardizing bodies and conformity assessment systems, as well as bilateral and multilateral arrangements within the scope of the TBT Agreement;
(3) the location of notices published, or the provision of information as to where such information can be obtained; and,
(4) the location of other Enquiry Points (namely those established under Article 10.3 of the TBT Agreement)

Our national Enquiry Point established in response to this requirement is operated by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

What We Do

The WTO/TBT Enquiry Point operated by the BSMI has three main functions:
(1) Dissemination of notifications;
(2) Provision of comments or response to inquiries; and,
(4) Translation and categorization of notifications from WTO Secretariat.

The Enquiry Point uses electronic tools to disseminate notifications to interested parties. Notifications are disseminated through several steps. Our staff at the National Enquiry Point checks and downloads notifications from WTO Secretariat everyday as a routine task. Once notifications are received, proper translation and categorization will be preceded.

After translation and categorization, we will upload the information to the appropriate pages (view) on the website and e-mail them to the target groups, including the public and private sectors.

Submitting Comments and Responses to Inquiries

As the notification only provides a summary of the proposed technical regulations or conformity assessment procedures, the industry usually needs to request for further information on the text of the notified documents. The Enquiry Point assists them in making such requests to National Enquiry Points of other members for materials required.

When the public and private sectors have comments on notified measures, they could send their comments to the Enquiry Point. After receiving, we will send your comments to related WTO Members through the national Enquiry Points.

How to Submit Comments

Comments can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the contact information as below:
E-mail: tbtenq@bsmi.gov.tw
Fax: (886-2) 2343-1804
Telephone: (886-2) 2343-1916
Address: TPKM-WTO/TBT Enquiry Point
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs
4 Chinan Road, Section 1,Taipei City 100, Taiwan

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