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Welcome to the New Era of Green Energy. Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection will exhibit at the Energy Taiwan 2021

  • Date:2021/12/08
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Welcome to the New Era of Green Energy. Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection will exhibit at the Energy Taiwan 2021

Energy Taiwan 2021 is going to take place from December 8th to 10th at Taipei Nangang International Exhibition Center, Hall 2. The four main focuses are solar photovoltaic, wind power, smart storage and hydrogen energy and fuel cell. It is the most iconic energy industry exhibition and platform in Taiwan and there will be 3 special areas, energy saving, circular economy and green finance, be added to the exhibition this year. The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), as the national competent authority for testing and certification, will participate in the grand event. The BSMI will show Taiwan's progress and development of testing and certification of renewable energy both physically and virtually.

The issues of climate change and energy shortage have made environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics become a focus of international attention. At present, more than 120 countries have proposed to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will encourage corporates to increase their demands for renewable energy and boost the development of renewable energy industry. The BSMI takes efforts to set up a solid foundation for Taiwan's renewable energy certification system, featured with accuracy of testing and reliability of certification. These efforts will also promote the development of domestic green electricity transactions. In the future, the BSMI will continue expanding the applications of renewable energy certificates, creating diversified values of renewable energy certificate, and assisting companies to achieve sustainability to create a greener Taiwan.

The tough challenges of pandemic this year gave the opportunity for the BSMI to explore new ways of presenting its achievements. A hybrid approach is used to show the exhibition physically and virtually at the same time. The content of the virtual exhibition will be integrated into the physical one. 
Visitors will enjoy an enriched experience of the virtual and physical exhibition through interactive devices, which create the possibility of diversified dialogues.

The virtual and physical exhibition will cover 5 topics: Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), Offshore Wind Energy, Energy Storage, Charging Station and Voluntary Product Certification. Each topic will show the key projects and achievements of BSMI that are related to renewable energy. Visitors can learn various kinds of knowledge about the testing and certification of renewable energy, and participate in the Lucky Draw by challenging mini games through the interactive screen. Below are brief explanations about the content of each topic.
1.Renewable Energy Certificate (REC): This area will introduce Taiwan's renewable energy certification system and display the results of government's promotion. A workshop will be held next year to invite APEC member economies to share the development of their REC.
2.Offshore Wind Energy:  This area will introduce the review and certification system, processes, and technical specifications of offshore wind farms.
3.Energy Storage: This area will introduce the planned national large-scale system testing laboratory and the testing procedures required for qualified energy storage batteries.
4.Charging Station: This area will introduce the specifications and testing requirements in Taiwan and other countries, as well as the relationship between charging stations and our daily lives.
5.Voluntary Product Certification (VPC): This area will introduce the development and testing items of VPC system for solar photovoltaic. It will illustrate the value of the VPC Mark.

The BSMI hopes that, through the delivery of scientific knowledge, the public will increase their understanding of renewable energy related systems. It also brings the attention of the people to the role that REC plays in the daily lives and the benefits it creates to the environment. The joint efforts of the government and people will move Taiwan to a new era of renewable energy and sustainability.

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