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Accreditation provides added value to supply chains, facilitates a healthy, innovative and safe trade market

  • Date:2019/12/23
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Accreditation provides added value to supply chains, facilitates a healthy, innovative and safe trade market

To celebrate the 2019 World Accreditation Day, promote the correct understanding of accreditation and highlight how the accreditation provides added value to supply chains, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) held an accreditation conference on June 10 at National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center in Taipei. This year's conference, themed "Accreditation: adding value to supply chains," invited professionals, experts and representatives from competent authorities to share their insights on topics concerning the accreditation system as well as case studies on this year's World Accreditation Day theme. The guests also exchanged views on the value and contribution of accreditation.

In his opening remarks, BSMI Director-General Lian Jin-zhang said that Taiwan plays an important role in the international industrial supply chain. Only through a rigorous accreditation process and conformity assessment can we establish a comprehensive and reliable supply chain to safeguard consumer safety and product quality. The accreditation can also foster the efficiency of production, testing, sales and other trade procedures, thus creating a win-win situation for consumers and manufacturers.

Nan Ya Plastics Senior Vice President Lin Fong-chin, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association Vice Chairman Cheng Fu-hsiong and Taiwan Quality Food Association Chairman Huang Yao-wen were among the guests at the conference. Speaking from their own experience, they talked about how the accreditation contributed to their industry, product manufacturing and the sale of products or service. Focusing on their scope of business, BSMI officials explored the contribution of accreditation to market consumption in the lower stream of the supply chain. The talks were informative and the discussions lively. Most participants said they benefited greatly from the event.

The BSMI said that economies all around the world are sparing no effort to build an efficient and reliable accreditation system. As eighty percent of the global trade activities involve accreditation and conformity assessment, the accreditation is bound to deliver value to a country's trade development and an industry's supply chain operation, both domestically and internationally. It also shows that the accreditation plays a vital role in lowering trade cost, fostering technology transfer and boosting investment.

The BSMI further noted that the accreditation is playing a more and more crucial role not only in the realms of trade and business development, but also consumer rights. The celebration and promotion of World Accreditation Day demonstrates that Taiwan is in line with the global accreditation practice. Through the joint effort of the government and private enterprises, the accreditation is becoming more and more influential in domestic and international trade activities and supply chains, thus fostering a better living environment for the people.