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BSMI reminds the public to use gas stove, gas water heater correctly ahead of the Chinese New Year BSMI, MOEA February 2, 2019

  • Date:2019/08/13
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In Taiwan, family and friends often gather together during the Chinese New Year holiday to enjoy a hot pot meal. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poor ventilation or improper installation of “gas stoves” and “gas water heaters” (gas appliances in general), the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) urges the safe use gas appliances and the importance of sufficient ventilation. The bureau also reminds the public about the significance of choosing, assembling and maintaining gas appliances to keep carbon monoxide poisoning at bay.

The BSMI said that the period from December to February of next year is the peak season for carbon monoxide poisoning in Taiwan. To prevent the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, users of gas appliances should use according to instructions and pay special attention to the following five safety points.

1) Consumers are advised to purchase gas appliances that have a commodity inspection mark (commodity inspection markorcommodity inspection mark) attached to the body.
2) Choose the type of gas appliance that suits your needs. Take into consideration factors such as site ventilation and the type of gas to be used (liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas or liquefied natural gas). For example, outdoor (RF) water heaters should be installed in a well-ventilated outdoor space. On the other hand, exhaust pipes should be installed for semi-closed forced exhaust (FE) and sealed forced exhaust (FF) type indoor gas water heaters.
3) Installation should be done by a qualified gas appliance technician.
4) Ensure sufficient ventilation. Hanging a large amount of clothes in the same space could block ventilation. Windows should remain open when using gas appliances and window screens should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust accumulation.
5) Schedule a regular maintenance. Safety check and maintenance should be carried out by a qualified technician or a technician from the manufacturing company. This is especially important for gas appliances that have been in use for over five years as aging parts increase the risk of accidents.

The BSMI urges the safe use of gas appliances. Minimal ventilation caused by closed windows and doors on a cold day could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, carbon monoxide exhaust can still build up in an ill ventilated room even if the window is open when the gas appliance is in use. Therefore, the bureau stresses the importance of ventilation at home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in an incomplete combustion state.

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