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2017-12-13 13:35:05
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BSMI urges hair salons and consumers to pay attention to safety precautions when using hair appliances BSMI, MOEA May 15, 2017

In response to a recent perm machine-related injury that took place in a hair salon in Taichung City, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) urges hair dressing industry and the public in the purchase of related hairdressing equipment (such as curling iron, electrical hair dryer, hot-rolled hair dryer and steamer, etc.). You should check whether the product ontology is affixed with a commodity inspection mark, and check whether it is clearly marked product brand, manufacturer name and address, electrical specifications (such as voltage, power consumption) and model, do not arbitrarily purchase unknown or unqualified hairdressing utensils. In addition, during the use of hairdresser, if abnormal conditions are found, should immediately stop using to avoid danger.

Perm machine is on the list of commodities that must pass mandatory inspection before leaving the factory or importation, said the BSMI. According to the Commodity Inspection Act, the manufacturer or importer will be imposed with a fine between 200,000 and 2,000,000 NTD if the product did not bear a commodity inspection mark and evasion of inspection is found.

The BSMI has been in contact with labor unions and trade associations in the beauty sector, passing on important points about choosing and using hair appliances. To safeguard consumers’ rights, hair dressers are also asked to use hair appliances that have passed inspection.

The BSMI reminds the public to pay attention to the following when choosing and using hair appliances.

1)Check if the name of the manufacturer and its address, electrical specifications (such as voltage, power consumption or electrical current) and model are clearly shown on the label. Check if the commodity inspection mark is affixed to the product.
2)Check if the product comes with a user’s guideline. Follow the guideline and pay attention to precautions and warnings.
3)Stay away from wet environment (such as bathroom) when using curling iron and flat iron to avoid electric shock.
4)To prevent burns and dangers, it is suggested that children, people with mobility impairment and the physically and mentally challenged only use the appliances when accompanied by a responsible person.
5)Unplug after using. Do not use when the cord and plug show signs of damage. Keep the power cord from the heated surfaces.
6)Follow the maintenance instructions to ensure functionality. When cleaning, pay attention to the instructions and warnings, unplug the appliance and avoid water from getting into the appliance.
7)Pay attention to the appliance when in use. Should malfunction occur, stop using immediately and contact the manufacturer about repair service. Do not change the parts or dismantle the appliance by yourself. Maintain on a regular basis to ensure safe usage.

The BSMI said that the more one understands about the appliance, the safer one is when using the appliance. Consumers can visit the Product Safety Internet at http://safety.bsmi.gov.tw or call toll free number 0800-007123 for more information.

Agency in charge: Planning, Inspection Administration & Management, Certification & International Cooperation Division (5th Division)
Contact person: Mr. June-Chieh Lai
Telephone: +886-2-2343-1787


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