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Safety Education: Safety Instructions for Deities Worshipping Lamps

  • Date:2021/10/06
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Safety Education: Safety Instructions for Deities Worshipping Lamps

With the coming Tomb Sweeping Day holidays, the BSMI would like to remind consumers of the following safety instructions when purchasing or using deities worshipping lamps.

1.Purchase products that bear the Commodity Inspection Mark (please see the attached diagram and the certified information is available at BSMI website https://civil.bsmi.gov.tw/bsmi_pqn).

2.Check that the name and address of the manufacture as well as the model and specification of the product are labelled on the product.

3.Make sure that the user manual is available in Chinese and the instruction for use is stated on the packaging. Read the product safety instructions and warning before using the product.

4.Unplug the lamp before changing the lightbulb to avoid electric shocks or burns.

5.Dry your hands thoroughly before touching the head, lamp holder or power switch to avoid electric shocks.

6.Do not tide up or place heavy items on top of the power cord to prevent short circuits resulted from deteriorated insulation and coating.

7.Stop using the lamp and replace with a new one if malfunction is found. Do not change the components or dissemble the lamp by yourself.

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