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Overview of Voluntary Certification & Testing Services

  • Date:2008/01/31
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In addition to fulfill its functions in the field of regulatory inspection, the BSMI also provide voluntary certification and testing services to general public to meet their needs of taking initiatives in improving their products or of demonstrating compliance with export market.

Voluntary Certification Services

Product Certification

The BSMI has two programs for product certification, namely the Chinese National Standards (CNS) Mark Certification and the Voluntary Product Certification (VPC).The CNS Mark Certification is granted to products that comply with relevant Chinese National Standards.It was first introduced in 1951 in order to promote the use of national standards.Manufacturers may gain confidence from consumers in order to promote their products and the consumers' interests may be protected by purchasing products of excellent quality.

The VPC System was recently introduced as an alternative to the CNS Mark.The main difference between the two certification programs is the standards used for testing.As it usually takes quite an extended period of time to develop national standards, the target products of the VPC System would be those that have a rather short life cycle and where relevant international standards are available.So instead of using national standards as the testing standards, the VPC System uses international standards as testing standards.The VPC System may also complement regulatory inspection approaches such as the "Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme" and "Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Scheme."

Management Systems Certification

For management systems certification, the BSMI provides certification services in a number of programs, including those developed by international standards, such as ISO 9000 series of quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environment management system certification, Occupational Healthy and Safety Management System Certification, Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System Certification, etc.The BSMI has successfully helped local manufacturers adopt management systems in line with international practices.

For details of each program, please visit the following pages:

*The CNS Mark
*The VPC System
*Management Systems Certification
*Voluntary Testing Services

The BSMI has rather complete testing resources for the use by the general public.The service of contracted inspection is made available to buyers or sellers who wish to have a commodity inspected and certified against the specifications of a contract.To facilitate quality improvement of commodities and development of industry, the BSMI provides technical services to both organizations and business sectors to conduct quality analysis/performance testing on the commissioned articles.Test reports thus issued serve as a reference towards improving the quality of their products and the operation of their businesses.

Calibration Services

*Calibration Services Provided by the National Radiation Standard Laboratory
*Calibration Services Provided by National Standard Time and Frequency Laboratory