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Fun in the Lantern Festival! Safety Assured for Lanterns Bearing the Commodity Inspection Mark

  • Date:2024/02/22
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Fun in the Lantern Festival! Safety Assured for Lanterns Bearing the Commodity Inspection Mark

Lantern Festival marks the completion of the half-month-long Lunar New Year festivities. Small lanterns were given out to children by city/county governments as well as other government agencies at this special occasion. The merchants also sell a variety of colorful hand-held lanterns. It is a very exciting experience for children to explore the neighborhood at night by carrying lanterns.

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) mentioned that hand-held lanterns are festive products and designed with different materials and patterns to attract children's attention. Hand-held lanterns designed, manufactured, displayed, sold or labeled and intended for children under 14 years of age are regulated by the BSMI to protect children from hazards arising from over-heated batteries, loose strings, sharp edges or hazardous chemicals. Such lanterns are required to complete the relevant inspection procedures and bear the Commodity Inspection Mark before they can be imported or placed on the domestic market.

The BSMI indicated that it has informed relevant government bodies giving out hand-held lanterns to procure those that were affixed with the Commodity Inspection Mark and labeled with the required information in Chinese on the body or packaging of the product. For any questions about whether the product pass inspection, please dial the toll-free number 0800-007-123 for assistance.
The BSMI further provides the following tips for parents to purchase hand-held lanterns that are safe to their children:
1.To purchase products that bear the Commodity Inspection Mark;
2.To check that the labeling provides detailed information about the product, in particular the suitable age, warnings, main ingredients or materials and instructions;
3.To select age-appropriate lanterns for the children.
4.To check that the components are firmly attached to the lantern sets and small parts are not easily detached to prevent choking hazard;
5.To check that there are no sharp edges to prevent cutting hazard;
6.To make sure that the strings or cords of the lanterns do not entail strangulation hazard;
7.To check the labeling of positive and negative poles in the batteries and use batteries of the same brand, material or specification if more than 2 batteries are required so as to prevent burning hazards arising from over-heating of the batteries; and
8.To be present around children under 3 years of age when they are carrying lanterns and educate them to wash hands after playing lanterns.

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