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How do I file a complaint about inaccuracy of taximeters or fuel dispensers for motor vehicles at the gas stations?

  • Date:2023/09/28
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If you have any doubts about the accuracy of taximeters, you may file a written compliant to the BSMI or its Branches by specifying the license plate number of the taxi, the company that the taxi belongs to, date of taking the taxi and other related evidences. The same procedure also applies to complaints about the accuracy of fuel dispensers at the gas station. The BSMI or its Branches will investigate the case by checking again the taximeters or dispatch its staff members to conduct an on-site check.

Where it is determined that the taximeters or fuel dispensers do not comply with related requirements, a label shall be affixed to these instruments indicating suspension of use. These instruments are allowed to put into service again after being repaired and verified.

Complaints about accuracy of other measuring instruments can also be filed with the BSMI or its Branches.