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2017-11-24 11:33:10
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BSMI urges the public to buy lead free drinking water faucets BSMI, MOEA April 19, 2017

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) has announced on May 11, 2016 that drinking water faucets must undergo mandatory inspection from January 1, 2017 onward to ensure drinking safety.

As of present, 17 manufacturers have obtained type inspection reports from BSMI-certified laboratories for 260 water faucets. The BSMI urges the public to purchase drinking water faucets featuring a LF (meaning Lead Free) mark on the main body and “for drinking water” on the outer packaging to ensure drinking safety.

Inspection standard
The BSMI said that drinking water faucets must comply with the CNS 8088 standard, which specifies the following test items:
1)The leach of inorganic contamination: 17 metal pollutants including lead (Pb), antimony (Sb), arsenic (As), barium (Ba) and beryllium (Be). The leach of lead from the faucet must not exceed 5μg/L(5ppb).
2)Insulation performance (for products operated by electric control)
3)Material: the lead content of materials must not exceed 0.25%
4)Marking: the main body of the faucet must feature a long-lasting LF mark and the outer packaging must have “for drinking water” in Chinese.

Violation fines
The BSMI said that manufacturers and importers of drinking water faucets must complete the inspection process before releasing their products from the factory and prior to importing. Should uninspected drinking water faucets manufactured after January 1, 2017 be found on the market, violators will be imposed with a fine between NTD 200,000 and NTD 2,000,000 according to Article 60 of the Commodity Inspection Act.

The BSMI also has an annual market inspection scheme to counter unqualified products circulating the market. Inspectors will check on the product in question, investigate the causes, conduct interviews with related parties and make a record for legal proceedings. The two level system ensures that consumer rights are truly protected.

Precautions for purchase and use
There are many different types of water faucets. Some are designed for kitchen while others are meant to be installed in bathrooms. When it comes to faucets that provide water for drinking and cooking, manufacturers should make sure product safety is maintained and provide accurate indications. Meanwhile, consumers are reminded should pay attention to the following when purchasing and using drinking water faucets.

1)Consumers are urged to purchase drinking water faucets that have a commodity inspection mark ( or ) )
2)Make sure that the name of the manufacturer, its registered address and model number are clearly indicated.
3)Make sure that the faucet comes with a Chinese instruction booklet, instruction on the packaging or labels of instruction and warnings. Read carefully before use, follow the instruction and pay attention to warnings.
4)Make sure that the main body of the faucet is marked with LF and the outer packaging has “for drinking water” in Chinese.

The BSMI reminds consumers that more knowledge about the products you are buying means more safety. For more inspection information, please visit the BSMI official site at http://www.bsmi.gov.tw and click on “announcement” under “latest news” or call the toll free number of 0800-007123.

Agency in charge: Inspections Administrative Division
Contact person: Mr. June-Chieh Lai
Telephone: +886-2-23431767


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