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2017-11-24 10:06:35
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BSMI sets up preparatory office for national renewable energy certification center, launches green certification system BSMI, MOEA April 21, 2017

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) established a preparatory office for the National Renewable Energy Certification Center April 21. The opening event was attended by representatives from the Executive Yuan, Environmental Protection Administration, Bureau of Energy, Taiwan Power Company, Japan’s Green Energy Certification Center (GreenPower) and the International REC Standard, a nonprofit foundation.

These institutes and organizations have supported Taiwan’s green energy sector development and corporate sustainable management and are here to witness the island’s integration into the free trade for green energy regime and global green supply chain.

To achieve sustainable development and echo the global trends in renewable energy, global firms are voluntarily committed to the use of renewable energy, driving the development of green energy worldwide. Apple and Google, for example, have announced that their operating facilities and data centers will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy. They also demanded that their suppliers increase the percentage of renewable energy usage.

Under this backdrop, many countries wishing to join the global green supply chain are faced with the challenge of issuing a certificate of renewable energy usage that conforms to the green trade regulations of the United States and Europe. The United States, Germany, Japan and other advanced countries have set up a certification scheme for renewable energy.

The task of establishing the National Renewable Energy Certification Center was assigned to the BSMI by the Executive Yuan. On April 21, the BSMI announced the launch of a preparatory office, whose responsibilities include setting up a just and credible certification system for renewable energy, management of certificates issued and verification of energy usage (facility energy usage and generating capacity).

Economic Minister Lee Chih-kung officially announced the launch of the green energy certification system at the preparatory office opening ceremony. The office will issue its first certification in the second quarter of 2017 at the earliest, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

BSMI Director-General Liou Ming-jong said that the certificate can be seen as a form of authentication and traceability. Since it is only issued after verification of power generation equipment and its capacity, investigation of system generating capacity and site check, power sources can be traced and credibility can be ensured. The certification system will safeguard the quality of green energy on the trade market and bolster a fair, sound market mechanism for green energy.

The system encourages a market mechanism where environmental efficiency is reflected through certification, said the BSMI. The certification system is expected to stimulate the establishment of a voluntary green energy market, increase manufacturer’s willingness to invest in renewable energy equipment, help the government achieve development goals for renewable energy and meet the needs of green supply chain. Moreover, the system will bolster positive development in power generation equipment, certification service, financial insurance, energy service and related sectors.

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