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BSMI Will Host a Three-Day APEC Webinar on Renewable Energy Certification System Beginning March 7

BSMI Will Host a Three-Day APEC Webinar on Renewable Energy Certification System Beginning March 7

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) held a press conference on March 2 for the coming webinar entitled "Utilizing Renewable Energy Certification (REC) to Facilitate APEC Regional Renewable Energy Growth," which is going to take place on March 7-9, 2022.

Chief Secretary Yi-Ling Chen (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Deputy CEO Tzu-Lun Lin (Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction, Executive Yuan), Director General Chin-Chang Lien (BSMI), Executive Director Jennifer Martin (Center for Resource Solutions) and representatives from enterprises participating in the Taiwan REC Forum, a local event to be held along with the webinar, attended the press conference. The representatives include President Paul Peng (AU Optronics Corp.), President Chang-Ken Lee (Cathay Financial Holdings), CSO Jesse Chou (Delta Electronics), Chairman Vincent Lin (TCI Co. Ltd.), Director Joseph Chou (PwC Taiwan) and Chairman Hsueh-Shun Chang (Taipei 101).

The webinar is an activity under an APEC funded project proposed by the BSMI at the APEC Energy Working Group and co-sponsored by Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. It is going to be held from March 7 to 9. Topics to be discussed at the webinar mainly involve three aspects, "implementation of REC systems," "operation and analyses of REC market" and "best practices as well as challenges." Speakers from Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States are invited to present their successful experiences of running or using REC. For detailed information on the webinar, please visit

Chief Secretary Chen said that this webinar is an important milestone for promotion of energy transition in Taiwan. It also signifies the success of Taiwan's renewable energy certification (T-REC) system, which has been highly recognized by partners in the Asia-Pacific region and responds actively to the international carbon reduction and net zero targets.

Deputy CEO Lin also said that APEC member economies will be able to build up an exchange platform on RECs based on the current economic collaboration partnership to create more innovative opportunities for renewable energy.

Director General Lien mentioned that this webinar is for Asia-Pacific member economies to jointly seek and discuss best practices for the development of REC systems. He believed that APEC member economies will benefit from the discussions and the sustainable development goal of the region will be achieved earlier by the success in energy transition of individual member economies and the region as a whole.

The BSMI has been exchanging views with REC operating bodies of neighboring member economies on the idea of establishing a regional REC platform over the past years. Having recognized REC as a reliable instrument to verify green electricity and the need for international standards to harmonize the operation of REC systems, the BSMI submitted a cross-forum (Energy Working Group and Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance) proposal last year and was granted fund by the APEC. This is the first time that renewable energy is discussed from the perspective of REC and the possibility of harmonizing REC practices is explored at regional level. The webinar is of critical importance to the future development of renewable energy and REC market.

The BSMI was assigned to undertake REC-related activities under the national energy policy. It has developed the T-REC system, certification criteria and tracking mechanism in Taiwan. The verification processes of solar PV, wind power, small hydropower and other renewable energy power generation equipment are integrated for the benefit of business operators. More than 1.06 million T-RECs have been issued since 2017, which is equivalent to 1.06 billion kWh of renewable energy power (about 534,000 metric tons of carbon reduction). The achievement is quite remarkable.

Aside from the APEC webinar, a "Taiwan REC Forum" will also take place in the afternoon of the three days. The purpose of the forum is to illustrate examples of six major sustainable corporates in using RECs in fulfilling their sustainable development goals. The forum is open to the public for free. Participants will have the opportunity to communicate with the leaders of the six major companies in real time. (Registration Link:

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