Conformity Assessment Procedures & Commodity Inspection Mark

Batch Inspection (including Type-Approved Batch Inspection)


What is Batch-by-Batch Inspection?
Batch-by-batch inspection usually applies to products with unstable manufacturing technology or those that pose concerns of risk or danger. Only few products are subject to this procedure. Most products are also eligible for an alternative procedure, Registration of Product Certification, and business operators may select the appropriate one for their products. Manufacturers or importers are required to apply to the BSMI for inspection of the products before they are shipped out of the production premises or when they arrive at the port of entry. Products that pass inspection shall be affixed with the Commodity Inspection Mark before they can be placed on the market for sale.

What is Type-Approved Batch Inspection (TABI)?
For commodities of a fixed type, the BSMI may require that a Type Approval Certificate be obtained, and a simplified procedure will be applied. Under this procedure, manufacturers or importers shall have their products type-tested by the BSMI or the designated testing laboratories recognized by the BSMI, and file an application for Type Approval to the BSMI or its branches. After manufacturers or importers obtain a Type Approval Certificate, they are required to file an application for batch inspection to the BSMI each time before their products are released from the production premises or arrive at the port of entry. The BSMI will then review the application and the related documents while additional samples may be required for further testing if it is deemed necessary. After the products have passed the inspection, they will be allowed to use the Commodity Inspection Mark with the letter ‘T’ and the identification number given by the BSMI. The application fee for a Type Approval Certificate is NT$3,500, and a Type Approval Certificate is valid for 3 years. The fees for type testing vary by products and depend on the fee policies of the testing laboratories.

Commodity Inspection Mark
Products that pass inspection shall bear the Commodity Inspection Mark, as illustrated below.

Printed by the business operator (applicable to TABI)

Stickers purchased from the BSMI

Steps for Making Applications

Steps for Making Applications

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