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BSMI and the Consumers Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Hand Blenders for Kitchen

BSMI and the Consumers Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Hand Blenders for Kitchen

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), Ministry of Economic Affairs, in collaboration with the Consumers Foundation released the test results of hand blenders for kitchen randomly purchased from the market to check their compliance with relevant requirements. 10 electric blenders were purchased in 2020. They were subject to labelling checks, comparison of key components and testing of quality items. The results showed non-compliance of 1 product in Chinese labelling, and all other blenders passed the checks and testing.

The BSMI indicated that the reason for such non-compliance in Chinese labelling was lack of appropriate safety instruction in the user manual, such as "Turn the blender off when it is left unattended" and "Be cautious when pouring hot liquid into the food processor or blender to avoid possible splash of the hot liquid out of the jar resulted from the pressure built up by the steam." The BSMI will, in accordance with Article 59 of the Commodity Inspection Act, request the company to take corrective actions on labelling within a certain time limit. A fine of not less than NTD 100,000 and not more than NTD 1,000,000 will be imposed if the company fails to do so.

The BSMI urges online sellers, when selling a product subject to mandatory inspection online, to make the information of Commodity Inspection Mark or Commodity Inspection Certificate available on the web page that the product is displayed for sale. Consumers are recommended to contact the online seller or online platform immediately when the products purchased do not comply with the requirements. The BSMI continues working with online platforms to educate online sellers to sell safe products and remove/inactivate web pages selling potentially unsafe products to protect consumers and to maintain fair trading environment.

The BSMI indicated that hand blenders for kitchen are subject to mandatory inspection and are not allowed to be released from production premises or imported before completion of the inspection procedures. The BSMI implements an annual market surveillance program to continuously monitor the safety of products on the market. In case non-compliant products are found, the BSMI looks into the causes, makes an interview report and take actions in accordance with relevant regulations.

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