The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection Announces the Inspection Results of "Portable Gas Stove" Currently Available on the Market

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection Announces the Inspection Results of "Portable Gas Stove" Currently Available on the Market

"Portable Gas Stove" is one of the most commonly utilized cooking products by the public for outdoor leisure activities, camping, family gatherings, and in restaurants. However, reports of accidents during usage do occur from time to time. Therefore, the quality of portable gas stoves is something that consumers really care about. In order to ensure the usage safety of the general public and to assist the public in understanding the quality of the portable gas stoves currently available on the market, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) randomly purchased 10 portable gas stoves of various brands for inspection through sales channels such as hardware stores in the Tainan and Chiayi area and online shopping websites during the first half of 2019. The inspection results indicated that 1 item failed to comply with the requirements of "quality criteria," "commodity inspection mark," and "Chinese label."

1.Inspection Standard
The bureau indicated that the current inspection of "portable gas stoves" adheres strictly to the guidelines listed CNS 14529 "Portable cookers attached to liquefied petroleum gas cylinder" to inspect the following quality criteria: "construction and dimension," "gas tightness test of gas passage," "pressure resistance of gas passage," "combustion condition test," "electrical ignition performance test," and "working performance test of pressure sensitive safety disk." Additionally, in accordance with the "Commodity Inspection Act" and the aforementioned standards, "commodity inspection mark" and "Chinese label" are inspected.

2.Inspection Results
The inspection results of the sampled products are as follow:
I.Quality Criteria
(i) Construction and Dimension: All items met the regulations
(ii)Gas Tightness Test of Gas Passage: All items met the regulations
(iii)Pressure Resistance of Gas Passage: All items met the regulations
(iv)Combustion Condition Test: 1 item (item 7) failed to meet the regulations because of its exceedance of carbon monoxide concentration in burned gases, which is set at 0.14%.
(v)Electrical Ignition Performance Test: All items met the regulations
(vi)Working Performance Test of Pressure Sensitive Safety Disk: All items met the regulations
II.Label Check:
(i)Commodity Inspection Mark: 1 item (item 7) failed to meet the regulations because of the fact that no commodity inspection mark is present on the main body of the product itself
(ii)Chinese label: 1 item (item 7) failed to meet the regulations, because of the lack of a finished product and a usage label, with no user manual intact, as well as the lack of the name, title or address of the obligatory inspection applicant.

3.Follow-up Procedures for Product(s) without Meeting Regulations
The bureau explains that with this inspection, one item (item 7) has failed to meet the regulations in "quality criteria," "commodity inspection mark," and "Chinese label." If the offender is confirmed to be purposely avoiding inspection, aside from a fine between NT$ 250,000 and NT$ 2,500,000 in accordance with Article 60 of the Commodity Inspection Act, Also, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 63 in the same Act, the obligatory inspection applicant will be notified, with time given for recall or rectification.

The BSMI has indicated that because the portable gas stove has been listed within the scope for mandatory inspection products, no commodities subject to inspection shall be released from the production premises, nor be exported or imported, if it doesn’t conform to the inspection requirements. As for the products that are already on the market, the bureau has established yearly market inspection plan. If a product is found to be not meeting the regulations, an investigator will be sent to investigate the reason for failure in meeting the regulations, of which an interview record will be created and processed in accordance with relevant regulations, thereby protecting the rights of the consumers with such 2-step verification system.

4.Advises of Purchase and Usage Notices
The bureau advises manufacturers to fully implement product safety and the correctness in labelling, thereby protecting the rights of the consumers. Also, the bureau reminds consumers to be aware of the following listed items when selecting and purchasing a "portable gas stove"
I.One shall only purchase a product that comes with a “commodity inspection mark” (commodity inspection mark or commodity inspection mark(Website Address for Commodity Inspection Mark Inquiry:
II. Check to see if the product name, model number, specification, manufacture date, type of container being used and the name, address, phone number, country of origin, materials of the manufacturer or importer, as well as other information are clearly labelled and readable.
III. Check whether the operation, warnings or caution items on the main body of the product are clearly labeled, and whether a user manual is intact.
IV. Prior to usage, please thoroughly read through the user manual in its entirety as well as follow the operational procedures (ex. canister installation, ignition, flameout). Especially when igniting a flame, please ensure that the canister is installed properly and no smell of gas is present before igniting a flame, thus preventing any dangers.
V. To prevent the canister from exploding, when using the portable gas stove, please do not use multiple stoves at once and do not use large pots.
VI. When using the portable gas stove, please do not place reserved canister near the stove. Also, no flammable objects should be near the area.
VII. Please adhere to the guidelines in the user manual for any notices, warnings during operations as well as daily maintenance and cleaning procedures.

BSMI reminds consumers to gain a better understanding of the products when making a purchase, which will ensure the safety of using said product. Consumer can visit BSMI's "Product Safety Information Website" ( to look up the product in question or call the toll-free number of 0800-007123 for any inquiries.

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