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BSMI announces interconnection protocol test methods for smart home devices to promote appliances interconnection compatibility, disaster prevention capabilities


In view of the dawning of the IoT era, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has established CNS 16014 “Interconnection protocol for devices in smart home” in 2017 to set a common ground for connection between smart home electronics. To further enhance the connection compatibility between smart home electronics of different brands, the BSMI announced CNS 16090 “Test methods for interconnection protocol for devices in smart home” on December 12, 2018. The new standard can be used as a testing basis for the validity of connection between smart home appliances and their disaster prevention capabilities. CNS 16014 and CNS 16090 work together to enhance the coordination between smart home devices and support the realization of smart homes.

With technologies such as smart network, smart meter for electricity, internet and smart home gateway, users can turn on/off devices, adjust values and control electricity consumption anytime and anywhere using mobile device applications. Not only does smart home gateway make life easier, it also helps to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction through efficient power management, electricity expenditure reduction as well as avoidance of peak time electricity use.

Aside from promotion of convenience and energy saving, CNS 16090 specifies “test methods for emergency response capabilities” to enhance smart home appliances’ disaster prevention capabilities. During earthquakes and disasters, if the smart home gateway is connected to National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction’s disaster data information platform and is able to receive emergency alert through common alerting protocol, smart home appliances will be switch off automatically to prevent fire accidents and secondary disasters.

With national standards accelerating the spread of technology and application, the popularization of smart home appliances is bound to ensure a more comfortable and convenient living experience.

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