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BSMI Launched Awareness Campaign on Safety of Children's Articles, 32 Regulated Products Highlighted!

BSMI Launched Awareness Campaign on Safety of Children's Articles, 32 Regulated Products Highlighted!

It has been one of the core missions of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) to provide children in Taiwan a living environment that is safe from product-associated hazards. With a view to raising awareness of product safety in children's products, the BSMI launched campaigns in the past three months to raise consumers' awareness of BSMI's regulated children's articles and explain to the public about the safety requirements of these products. The campaign included 4 events in Taipei (July 22), Taichung (August 27), Hualien (September 3) and Kaohsiung (September 25). Taiwan Toy & Children's Article Manufacturers Association and other units co-sponsored these activities.

The BSMI noticed that there are more varieties of children's products on the marketplace to meet the diverse parental needs for taking good care of kids. 32 children's articles have received considerable concerns from the public. While 14 of them (toys, strollers/carriages/baby walking frames, children's bicycles/bicycles for young children, children's raincoats, etc.) are already regulated by the BSMI, the rest of them were added to the scope of mandatory inspection during 2020-2021, including cots/folding cots for domestic use, baby carriers, infant bath tubs, bedside sleepers, infant bath seats, chair mounted seats, cribs and cradles for domestic use, reclined cradles, children's chairs and stools, playpens for domestic use, safety barriers, carry cots and stands, and table mounted chairs. The requirements will enter into force before the end of this year and they are allowed to be placed on the market after they complete the inspection procedures and bear the Commodity Inspection Mark.

The BSMI said that a total of 471 people attended the 4 events. There were interactive games, speeches and education corners, where toys and children's articles newly regulated were displayed to provide guidance on purchasing safe products and using products correctly. Parents were advised to choose products that are appropriate for the developmental age of their kids. The BSMI illustrated the potential hazards of bucky balls, expandable water toys, slime toys, slap bracelets and toy pens by explaining the incidents reported by foreign countries. Most importantly, the activities enhanced the public's understanding of the importance of Commodity Inspection Mark and the knowledge of product safety in children's articles.

The BSMI reminded consumers to look for the Commodity Inspection Mark (graphic shown below) when buying children's articles and read carefully the safety instructions and warnings to operate or use the products. It also recommended consumers to stop using the products immediately if the products are damaged or malfunction and contact the distributors or agents for a check or repair to avoid injuries. The BSMI works together with you to provide our children with a safe and sound living environment.

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