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BSMI and the Consumers Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Halogen/Carbon Heaters

  • Date:2021/04/27
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BSMI and the Consumers Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Halogen/Carbon Heaters

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) in collaboration with the Consumers Foundation released the test results of halogen/carbon heaters randomly purchased from the market to check their compliance with relevant requirements. 10 halogen/carbon heaters of different brands and models were purchased from hypermarkets or mass-market retailers of electronic products in Tainan, Taipei, New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Taichung in 2020. They were subject to testing of quality items (heating, leakage current and electric strength, abnormal operation, construction and EMC), comparison of key components and labeling checks. The results showed that all 10 products passed quality tests, while 3 failed in the comparison of key components, such as capacitors, power cords and motors. 1 of the products did not comply with the requirements of Chinese labeling.

For the 3 products, of which the key components were different from those listed in the registered information, the companies were required to apply to the BSMI for approval of changes to the key components. Registration of those products will be rescinded if the companies fail to do so. For the one product that did not pass labeling checks, the BSMI will notify the company to take corrective actions within a specified time limit. A fine of not less than NTD 100,000 and not more than NTD 1,000,000 will be imposed, if corrective actions are not completed after the time limit. In addition, the registration certificate will be rescinded as well if corrective actions are not completed.

The BSMI indicated that halogen/carbon heaters are subject to mandatory inspection and are not allowed to be released from production premises or imported before completion of the inspection procedures. The BSMI implements an annual market surveillance program to continuously monitor the safety of products on the market. In case noncompliant products are found, the BSMI looks into the causes, makes an interview report and take actions in accordance with relevant regulations.

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