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The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection Advises Consumers to Be Aware of Online Shopping Safety

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection Advises Consumers to Be Aware of Online Shopping Safety

Online shopping has become a crucial part of consumption channel. In order to ensure the safety of products sold online as well as to protect the rights of consumers, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) urges online sellers to disclose information about the compliance of their products with safety requirements on the web pages where the products are displayed. Information can be compliance label issued by the BSMI (compliance label issued by the BSMI), the Commodity Inspection Mark(the Commodity Inspection Mark approved by the BSMI to be printed by the business operators), or any other proof demonstrating completion of inspection procedures. The BSMI also reminds consumers to only choose products with a Commodity Inspection Mark or with proof documents to protect their own rights.

BSMI indicated that in order to protect the safety of consumers, it has included a number of consumer products in the scope of mandatory inspection. Such products, both imported and domestically manufactured, are required to complete inspection procedures before they can be imported or placed on the market. These products cover children’s articles (such as toys, child strollers, car safety seats, high chairs, bedrails, baby (infant) clothing below 2 years of age), electronic products (such as portable power supplies, Bluetooth speakers, dashboard cameras, tablets, multimedia players, fascia guns, lighting equipment, fluorescent lamp, LED bulbs) as well as electrical/mechanical/chemical products (such as skateboards, roller skates, safety helmets, sunglasses, luggage cases, water heaters, gas stoves, faucets used for drinking water).

The BSMI explains that if an online seller attempts to import, manufacture, or sell any product that has not yet completed the inspection procedures, or to intentionally misuse the Commodity Inspection Mark of others, the seller would be at risk of violating regulations such as Article 6, "evasion of inspection," of the "Commodity Inspection Act," as well as Article 255, "fraudulent marking," of the "Criminal Code," etc. Also, the BSMI reminds consumers that prior to reselling products purchased from a website overseas or from a seller overseas, these products are also bound to complete the same inspection procedures. Currently, it has requested online platforms to remind their online sellers of the inspection regulations for the products, to avoid violating the law.

Furthermore, in order to ensure safety of household living environment, the BSMI reminds consumers that when purchasing a "gas water heater," it is strongly advised to have the heater installed by a "certified gas equipment technician," to ensure safety of their life and property. Also, in accordance with announcements made by the MOEA, cotton socks from China are allowed to be imported under conditions. Therefore, when purchasing cotton socks online, consumers shall only choose a legitimate company with an import permit obtained from the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, so as to prevent from purchasing low-quality cotton socks.

The BSMI has indicated that it will continue to establish a good communication channel with online shopping platforms and work together with them to come up with a proper method for maintaining the safety of products sold online.

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