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BSMI holds legal units of measurement promotional activity

  • Date:2019/11/28
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BSMI holds legal units of measurement promotional activity

To foster a sound foundation for metrology education, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) teamed up with Taipei Zoo and Childhood Cancer Foundation of R.O.C. to hold a metrology promotional event on May 4. The event is aimed to help children of school age gain a good understanding of metrology, operate different measuring instruments while participating in tournament games and explore the concept of length, mass, volume and other physical quantities. It is hoped that the right concept of metrology can be instilled in children by incorporating education in fun activities.

The BSMI said that five tournament games under the theme of elephant, koala, otter and gibbon were created for Taipei Zoo animals. By taking part in the game, children of school age can gain a deep understanding of commonplace units of measurement, such as kilogram, meter and liter. The event also showed care for children diagnosed with cancer by helping them take part in the games. This promotional event integrated the concept of metrology, animal conservation and caring for the weak, and serves a multi-fold purpose.

In the opening ceremony, BSMI Deputy Director-General Chen Ling-Huei said that units of measurement are everywhere and inseparable with our lives. As conformity of units can help avoid miscalculation, lower trade barriers and facilitate prosperity, the international society is keen on establishing and promoting international system of units. Taiwan's legal units of measurement are in line with the international system of units, which is built on seven base units, (such as kilogram, meter and second) and 61 derived units (such as area, volume and pressure). Conformity with international standard is very important to the accuracy and harmonization of measurements.

The BSMI said that the event attracted about 1,000 person-time visits from children and their family. In the future, the bureau will continue to hold activities about legal units of measurement to deepen the correct understanding of legal units of measurement and unify measurement units in Taiwan.

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Contact person: Mr. Yueh-Feng Chang
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