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BSMI works with local markets to create a fair consumer environment BSMI, MOEA October 26, 2018

  • Date:2019/01/09
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To ensure the accuracy of scales and protect the rights of both the vendor and the consumer, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has been working to promote the good measurement management system. Following the registration of all the retail markets in Taipei City as good measurement management vendors, 32 markets in New Taipei City have recently passed the required assessment and are now successfully registered as good measurement management vendors, marking a step forward in the creation of a fair trade environment.

In order to be a good measurement management vendor, the market must fulfill the following requirements:
1) The market must provide a BSMI-certified scale so that the public can compare the results of different scales with that of the official one.
2) The market must provide a standard weight for self-test, which is scheduled for at least once every three months. All the market vendors are required to take part in the self-test. If a vendor’s scale does not yield accurate results, the scale must be send for repair and apply for use again with the BSMI-reverification after repair.

The BSMI also conducts random scale inspections at markets from time to time. The self-test mechanism and BSMI irregular inspections together can further ensure the accuracy of market scales and fair trade.

The BSMI said that it has been working closely with local markets to introduce the good measurement management system. As of mid-October 2018, 178 markets in Taiwan have obtained the title of good measurement management vendors. Aside from markets, post offices, two major convenience chain stores (President Chain Store Corp. and Taiwan FamilyMart Co., Ltd), retail stores, fruits shops and jeweler’s shops have also taken part in the initiative. The BSMI will continue to work with local government to promote the good measurement management system in markets and strive to provide a fair and reliable consumer environment for all.