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BSMI Invites Professionals to Attend Seminar on the Management and Accreditation for Offshore Wind Farm Certification in Denmark

  • Date:2018/11/27
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Hosted by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection(BSMI), a seminar titled Management and Accreditation for Offshore Wind Farm Certification in Denmark, will take place at Great Hall on the 2nd floor of BSMI building, November 29th, 2018. The speakers invited by BSMI are Prof. Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of the Department of Wind Energy at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Ms. Peggy Friis, ex-Senior Consultant of the Danish Energy Agency; the following topics will be covered during their visit to Taiwan.

1.The offshore wind farm technical certification scheme which stands for EGV will be introduced, and the assessment requirements for wind turbine developers, service companies, manufactures and certification companies in Denmark will be explained with case studies. As the speakers cover the development progress of IECRE(IEC Renewable Energy) scheme, the feasibilities of applying it to the certification process of Danish Energy Agency will also be discussed.

2.The design requirements of wind turbines and certification regulations of wind turbines testing will be introduced by sharing the current trends of design, development and manufacturing of wind turbines in Demark, and the development of IEC 61400 series standards.

3.With a panel discussion session joined by Denmark and Taiwan experts in the seminar, Taiwan aims to establish a national offshore wind farm certification scheme, create opportunities to localize the supply chain of wind turbines design and manufacturing, and further develop and train manpower for wind energy industry.

Denmark is a leader of wind energy industry in Europe, and Danish Energy Agency(DEA) is the regulatory authority for energy in Denmark. DEA has established a technical certification scheme, EGV, to ensure a stable supply of renewable energy. DEA reviews the construction, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of land/offshore wind turbines to ensure the operation of key players such as wind farm owners, component suppliers, manufacturers, third-party certification companies, and service providers in accordance with regulations and technical requirements of wind turbines. DEA is also the regulator for the required training and certificates for manpower working in wind energy industry, while Danish National Accreditation Body(DANAK) is the third-party accreditation body to ensure the capabilities of testing labs, inspection companies, and certification bodies.

Being home to many outstanding research institutions in Denmark, the Technical University of Denmark(DTU) is the only university with the capabilities to design large wind turbine blades in the world, and has the facilities and teams for both static and dynamic testing of wind turbine blades. DTU has been involving in the operations of the EGV technical certification scheme and studied wind energy related technologies since 1991. DTU also cultivates talents for wind energy industry so as to meet global manpower needs.

The wind energy development in Taiwan is just beginning, and the cultivation of the professional talents and technical capabilities have a long way to go. By hosting this seminar, BSMI enables domestic wind farm developers, component suppliers, manufacturers, and third-party inspection, certification and accreditation bodies to learn about the latest wind energy technologies and expertise. Furthermore, the seminar can promote the researches on wind turbine analysis and design developments, wind resource assessment, and wind power predication, while enhancing the competence of testing labs for wind turbine components and materials in Taiwan. Danish experience would serve as a role model for Taiwan to go through energy policy transformation period.

This seminar not only allows offshore wind farm manufacturers and related suppliers to learn new technologies, but also facilitates the supply chain of wind energy industry to take root in Taiwan. By accelerating the implementation of offshore wind energy policy with this event, the percentage of renewable energy would be further increased in Taiwan so as to achieve the goal of 4.2 GW in total capacity by 2025. Finally, this seminar aims to be beneficial to participants from all stakeholders, including the industry, government, academia, and research institutions.

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