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BSMI works with President Chain Store to create a fair trade environment

  • Date:2018/10/09
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To foster fair trade, consumer rights and excellent measurement practice, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) recently assisted 5,173 President Chain Store Corp. convenience stores in adopting an excellent measurement management system. As of present, more than 80 percent of stores—about 16,000 in total—under the four top convenience store chains in Taiwan have passed the excellent measurement practice assessment conducted by the BSMI.

To make sure that all the companies in Taiwan use accurate scales and measurements, the BSMI has been promoting excellent measurement practice by assisting CSR businesses in conducting self-inspections and developing an open, rigorous management system. Businesses that pass the BSMI assessment will be presented with a certificate of excellence to level up their business reputation.

BSMI inspectors have been visiting President Chain Store Corp. convenience stores to check their standard weight after it signed up for the excellent measurement practice scheme. Aside from seasonal self-inspections, BSMI inspections are carried out on an irregular basis to ensure the store’s management and credibility.

A total of 140 traditional retail markets, 9,000 stores (including stores under President Chain Store Corp., Taiwan FamilyMart Co., Ltd, post offices, jeweler’s shops, airports and wholesale supermarkets such as Carrefour, A-Mart and Wellcome) and 1,532 public and private gas stations all over Taiwan have obtained the certificate, said the BSMI. The BSMI said that it hopes to extend President Chain Store Corp.’s excellent measurement practice experience to other convenience store chains, retail stores and wholesalers. With the support of other business chains, a fair, friendly and trustworthy trade environment can be realized.

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