Consumer Product Safety System

Product safety is one of the most important missions of the BSMI's jurisdictions. It is achieved mainly through pre-market control measures as well as post-market surveillance actions. Both require a sound risk assessment system to make sure that resources are effectively and efficiently allocated to achieve adequate protection of consumers. While there are different regulatory authorities in Taiwan, the BSMI is responsible for ensuring the safety of most consumer products. Having considered the maturity of production technology as well as the diversity of products, the BSMI maintains four kinds of inspection schemes: Batch-by-Batch Inspection (including Type-Approved Batch Inspection), Monitoring Inspection, Registration of Product Certification (RPC) and Declaration of Conformity (DoC). For products that are subject to regulatory inspection, the applicable inspection schemes and inspection standards will be designated. The Commodity Inspection Mark shall be affixed to all products that comply with regulatory inspection requirements before they are placed on the market.

The safety of regulated products is further assured by taking post-market surveillance actions, which are guided by an annual plan, prepared at the beginning of each year and forwarded to BSMI branches located around the country for implementation. The annual plan identifies products of high risks and specifies principles for conducting surveillance activities, including market checks, sampling tests, special projects and monitoring of products sold over the Internet. In addition, the revision of the Commodity Inspection Act in 2007 imposed obligations on manufacturers or importers to report incidents caused by their products, which provide useful information for the BSMI to analyze the problems and take preventive actions.

Announcement of Commodities Subject to Inspection

Commodities that are of high risk or of consumers’ concerns are announced to be subject to mandatory inspection. The announcement is made through a transparent procedure where interested parties are invited to comment on the proposals during the consultation stage. The proposals are also made public at the BSMI’s website, the Executive Yuan Gazette Online (https://gazette.nat.gov.tw/egFront/index.do) and other media to invite comments. Where the proposed measures could have significant impact on international trade, they are also notified to the WTO.

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