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Illustration of Application Procedures for the CNS Mark


Application Procedures for the CNS Mark

Selection of appropriate CNS Mark product items

Application for CNS Mark shall be made based on each product items and shall be made to by individual manufacturing factories.
Application for CNS Mark is limited to one for each product item.Where there are further classifications of the product items, the application is limited for one piece for each classification.
Separate applications shall be made for different products manufactured by the same factory. Separate applications shall also be made for the same products manufactured by different factories of same company.

Preparation for application documents

Application Form.


The BSMI reviews the QMS Assessment Report and Product Inspection Report.

Issuance of Certificate

The certificate will be issued after the reports are reviewed to meet the requirements and the payment of fees (NT$1,000) by the applicant.


The BSMI will publish the name, factory, and products of manufacturers who have been granted the CNS Mark.

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